SEBO Vacuums: 5 Reasons to Introduce One to Your Home

Even though you may not have heard of SEBO vacuums, they are known as one of the best vacuum brands in the world. SEBO started in Germany in 1978, and their vacuums can be found in homes to hotels to the White House. Because they have been around for decades and understand markets around the world, they understand that the most important goal when selling a product is customer satisfaction.

SEBO 9577AM AUTOMATIC X4 flat to floor

Their dedication to customer satisfaction is just one reason to consider purchasing a SEBO vacuum for your home. Here are some of our other favorite reasons you should take a look at this brand:

Superior Filtration

Disposable vacuums that you replace every few years have multiple ways for dust and air particles to circulate through the vacuum and ultimately back into your home. But a SEBO vacuum is virtually airtight with multiple filters. Bagless vacuums seem like a good idea, but the high-quality, filter bags are an essential component of high-performance vacuum cleaners. They hold virtually all the dirt captured by the machines, which improves the effectiveness and useful life of the vacuum. Only a tiny fraction of particles escape from SEBO’s three-layer bags, but these particles are easily trapped by highly effective microfilters. The S-class, hospital-grade filters in their machines are made from electrostatically charged micro-fiber material to attract and capture dust particles, resulting in a relatively open texture that allows smoother airflow for better suction performance and a longer life expectancy. For those with allergies, you have the option of using HEPA filters. When coupled with four-layer “Ultra-bags,” they provide highly effective filtration and eliminate 99.9% of particles – making them excellent at pet hair removal and garnering recommendations from the British Allergy Foundation. SEBO vacuums even have an exhaust filter to clear the air emitted by the vacuum motor.


SEBO believes that you should expect the same durability from your vacuum that you expect for the other appliances in your home, and their vacuums are not made to be disposable. By cooling the motor with super-clean air, they increase motor life and reduce the possibility of maintenance, even after many years of use. These machines typically last 20 years in a medium-sized home. They come with a 5 year warranty on parts and a 7 year warranty on the motor. Some models even include a lifetime belt warranty, meaning this vacuum will last.


SEBO’s “top-fill” bags ensure continuously strong suction because dirt enters from the top, deposits at the bottom, accumulates upward, and air exits through the sides, which allows unimpeded airflow as they fill to capacity. Also, all SEBO bags are large capacity, so they hold about 10 times the volume of the capacity of typical bagless vacuums. Additionally, changing SEBO bags takes just a few seconds and is easy because a “sealing cap” covers the opening, keeping dust sealed inside to maintain excellent hygienic conditions. Also, their brushes only come in two sizes and are easily cleaned and changed.

SEBO 90630AM AIRBELT D4 Red 9299AM


SEBO offers a variety of models in both canister and upright vacuums. They offer lightweight models and 40-foot power cords to make sure you can get to any part of your home. By using an electronic controller to measure the resistance of the spinning brush roller against the floor, the brush height automatically adjusts to the floor, making it perfect for shag carpets or wooden floors. Even the upright vacuums have a low 5 ½ -inch profile to make vacuuming under furniture easy. They have a machine that will adapt to all the cleaning needs in your home.


Everyone knows to look for efficiency when it comes to buying new appliances for the home, but the amount of energy consumed in their production and distribution is often overlooked. Made in Germany, using locally sourced materials and components, SEBO vacuum cleaners are manufactured in an environmentally responsible way that reduces waste and uses fewer resources. They ensure that products are packed into the smallest possible cartons, and that carton sizes allow the maximum number of machines to fit on a pallet. Most SEBO packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard, and waste paper from the offices is shredded and re-used for packing. Deliveries are carefully planned to ensure delivery trucks are running economically and are filled to capacity. Rainwater is collected from the roof, then filtered and stored, to be used in production and within the factory washrooms. The factory and offices are designed to use natural light as much as possible, avoiding artificial lighting and the associated power consumption. And work hours are scheduled to make use of daylight hours, which also improves the working environment for employees. Since SEBO vacuums are built to last, fewer vacuums end up in landfills.

SEBO knows that purchasing one of their vacuums is a big commitment, which means that they are committed to making sure you are satisfied with their product. We know that once you see a SEBO in action, you will understand all the reasons these vacuums are a great addition to your home.