Air Purifiers

High-quality air purifiers eliminate contaminants from the air by maintaining indoor moisture balance and removing pollutant particles, such as mold, viruses, bacteria, dust, gaseous adhesives, pesticides, and more.

Austin Air

Focused on bringing medical grade air purification systems to residential consumers, Austin Air relies on a HEPA filtration method. This clinically tested core method is slightly modified for each product in order to target specific sensitivities, such as odors, asthma aggravators, chemical sensitivities, indoor pollutants, and sleep related irritants.

Austin Air


Blending TSS technology and design, Air Free products demonstrate the possibility of reliable air purification that does not compromise interior home aesthetics. Small, portable, and entirely silent, Air Free units function without high-energy consumption or replacement filters, making them an environmentally friendly option for the reduction of indoor air pollutants.


How Air Purifiers make a difference

Featuring efficient air purification systems presented by leading providers, customers can select from preferred air purification units to maintain a clean indoor atmosphere at home.