Health, Wellness, & Humidifiers

In recent years, the premium home goods market has witnessed the increased popularity of humidifiers. While many homeowners are aware of some of the skin benefits of these devices, there are actually several fantastic advantages of having a humidifier in the home. The fundamental function of a humidifier is quite simple: it adds moisture to the air in order to increase humidity. However, the nuts and bolts of how this is done is actually quite scientifically advanced. While variations in mechanisms do exist, many humidifiers rely on a fanning system that draws air into the unit and across an internal water source before releasing an invisible mist of moisture-rich air back into the room. This essentially moisturizes the indoor air to achieve heightened air quality.

Stadler Form humidifier with couch pillows in background

As it turns out, the hype over humidifiers is well justified as the benefits extend to aspects of health, skin, and household wellness. Take a look at some of the most popular uses for humidifiers in the home.


One of the most advantageous aspects of humidifiers is that they combat the spread of airborne viruses. By adding moisture to the air, harmful bacteria and particles present in the air become more saturated. When this happens, the weight of these particles is increased, essentially weighing them down. This restricts their ability to circulate throughout the air and throughout the room, which helps reduce the spread of potentially dangerous viruses, such as the flu. Another health benefit of humidifiers is that they can be soothing for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Many allergens prove to be exponentially more irritating when present in a dry air environment, making coughs and allergic reactions more severe. In addition, individuals suffering from a cough may find that having a humidifier present makes their cough more productive. By increasing the amount of moisture in each inhalation, phlegm that has been trapped in the airways has a better chance of getting released when coughed up. This can accelerate the progression of cold symptoms and get you on the way to recovery.


Having adequate water present in the body is essential to maintaining healthy skin. Dry air, which is particularly present during the winter, can wreak havoc on the skin. Thus, having a humidifier on hand can reap excellent skin benefits. By increasing the amount of moisture in the air, skin, hair and lips are not as likely to suffer as severely from excessive dryness. In other words, a humidifier can reduce the painful cracking that often occurs across knuckles and lips during the winter.


The benefits of home humidifiers reach far beyond your health and appearance. Humidifiers can also prevent damage to wood furniture, as prolonged dry air can potentially cause cracking, warping and joint looseness. By maintaining moisture-rich air, wood furniture is better protected against these risks. Indoor air that is adequately moisturized can also change the perceptive feel of temperature. Humidity can make the room feel warmer than dry air would, which can potentially affect the amount of money your family spends on heating bills each winter. As you can see, a humidifier can be a great addition to your household. With significant benefits to health, wellness and household maintenance, it’s no surprise that humidifiers continue to be an important feature of a comfortable and healthy home.