Commercial Vacuums

Selecting a commercial grade vacuum for your office or home allows you to depend on a durable machine that is capable of frequent, intensive usage and long-term performance.


For individuals who prefer the traditional design of uprights but require a more robust motor and superior performance for heavy messes, commercial upright vacuums offer an excellent alternative. Classic design features keep operational functions easy to use, while more advanced suction capabilities ensure top-notch vacuuming.

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Canister & Wet/Dry

Multi-surface accommodation, enhanced durability, varying speed functions, and extended reach and maneuverability are a few of the advantages of choosing a commercial canister vacuum for your home. The segmented design is prepped with an industrial grade motor to equip you for handling greater messes with ease.

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Offering optimal mobility, backpack commercial vacuums have a segmented design, similar to canisters, but are outfitted with plush padding and shoulder straps to provide a comfortable and convenient fit. The freedom provided by this design allows users to easily access hard-to-reach areas.

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Wide Track

Maximize cleaning efforts by working with a wide track vacuum. Sharing structural similarities with uprights, wide track vacuums are easy to use and make it possible to cover an increased amount of surface area per pass.Because they require broader clearance, wide track vacuums are capable of processing a thicker cleaning path, reducing time spent vacuuming.


Floor Sweepers & Scrubbers

Tailored to suit your unique cleaning needs, floor machines offer varying advantages to increase productivity. Whether you prioritize maneuverability, flexibility or straightforward operation, walk behind and rider models with a variety of scrub decks are available to optimize your investment.

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How Commercial Vacuums make a difference

Featuring a full spectrum of innovative designs, commercial grade vacuums offer increasedpower and advanced settings for maximum performance.