Debunking 8 Popular Vacuum Myths

So you are looking for a new vacuum, but are you looking for the right things? Do you know what is really important in finding the right one for your home? We have eight myths about vacuum cleaners that we would like to debunk for you. 

Myth #1 – The higher the amp rating, the better the suction.

The amp rating reflects how much energy the vacuum is using when it’s on, and it has nothing to do with how well the vacuum can pick up dirt. Looking for a vacuum with a higher amp rating is like trying to buy a car that uses the most gas. What you should pay attention to are the vacuum’s airflow, how it handles, and whether it incorporates filtration. Airflow is measured in CFM (cubic feet of air per minute), and vacuum cleaners with high CFM ratings have more suction power.

Myth #2 – The lower the vacuum is to the carpet, the better it will pick up dirt.

The problem is that when the brush is lower it can reduce airflow and make the brushes, the roller, and the motor work harder. This will ultimately limit the lifetime of your vacuum. The best strategy is to start with your vacuum on the highest level and then lower it until the bristles of the rotating brush hit the top of the carpet. This will allow the brush to lift the nap of the carpet and gives it room to do its job. 

Myth #3 – Bagless vacuums are more advanced than ones with bags.

While it’s true that bagless technology is newer, it does not mean that it is better. There are still plenty of advantages to using a bag, and some of the top-performing vacuums still use them. Bagless vacuums are often heavier and have costly filters that need to be frequently replaced. Bagged vacuums keep dirt from entering the motor, and therefore, often last longer. Plus being able to remove the dirt and particles from your home in a sealed bag is much better for those who suffer from allergies. 

Myth #4 – The weight of the vacuum determines how easy it is to use and how well it will perform.

The truth is that high-quality vacuums come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. It’s important to be able to try several out before you make your choice, which is something you can do any time in our store. 

Myth #5 – A HEPA filter is the only thing you need to look for to reduce allergens in your home.

HEPA filters eliminate 99.97% of small particles that can irritate those with allergies. But if you live with allergies, you will also want to look for other features like vacuums that use bags and those that are sealed. Vacuums with sealed system engineering keep the dust and particles from leaking back into your home as the air passes through it. 

Myth #6 – Upright vacuums are for carpeted floors, and canister vacuums are for bare floors.

Today manufacturers are designing both types of vacuums to be multipurpose. Many canister vacuums come with turbo heads or power brushes that are great for cleaning low-pile carpets. There are many advantages to both types of vacuums, and it ultimately comes down to your personal preference. 

Myth #7 – Robotic vacuums can eliminate your need to vacuum.

Robotic vacuums are designed more for convenience than for high-performance cleaning. They don’t have the same suction power or cleaning capability that traditional vacuums have. Use a robotic vacuum to cut down on your daily vacuuming, but plan to also do more thorough vacuuming once a week or biweekly. 

Myth #8 – Vacuums do not need to be serviced.

Many people never do maintenance on their vacuum; they simply replace it when it dies. However, if you do regular maintenance on your machine it can last a very long time. At Buckhead, we service all types of vacuums, even brands we don’t sell. We also have the filters, belts, and replacement parts you need to keep your vacuum operating at its peak performance. 

Now that these popular myths have been busted, it’s time to find the right vacuum for your home. Whether you are looking for a new vacuum or have one that needs to be serviced, Buckhead Vacuums is here to help. We can help you find exactly what you need for your home.