Filter Pure Air and Maintain a Clean Environment

Clean, sanitary living and work spaces are at the top of priority lists at this unprecedented time while our world battles COVID-19. At Buckhead Vacuums, we have the tools to help you create and maintain a clean, safe environment.

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Fine particles in the air, such as a virus, are a concern because they can find their way into our lungs. And thinking beyond the coronavirus pandemic, “According to the EPA, long-term exposure to high particle levels is linked to bronchitis, reduced lung function, and premature death.” (Consumer Reports) You may have heard of HEPA filters, “High Efficiency Particulate Air [filter]”. They’re able to remove almost all (99.97% or more) dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and additional particles you don’t want floating around in the air you breathe. How do they work? “To put it simply, HEPA filters trap air contaminants in a complex web of fibers. Depending on the size of the particle, this can happen in four different ways: Inertial Impaction, Diffusion, Interception, or Sieving.” (Allergy & Air) With a HEPA filter, there’s no guesswork involved. Contaminants are removed on a microscopic level, leaving you with fresh, pure air.

According to the EPA, long-term exposure to high particle levels is linked to bronchitis, reduced lung function, and premature death.

Because we can’t see these particles in the air around us, it’s a common belief that our air is already clean, or we believe other measures are already in place. “Energy efficient windows and doors are good at keeping pollutants out of your home, but they also trap in a lot of bad stuff. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the concentration of some pollutants is often two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.” (Consumer Reports). This may be concerning news, but air purifiers make a substantial improvement in your home or place of business, filtering dust, smoke, pollen and other pollutant particles (like viruses) from the air. Additionally, routine use of a high-quality vacuum cleaner will reduce particles, pollutants, and viruses that may be hanging around on the floor.

At Buckhead Vacuums, it is our priority to help you create a clean environment that gives you peace of mind. We’re just a phone call away to answer any questions and help you choose the right filtration system for your home. We highly recommend IQ Air and Austin Air products, which you can view on our website. Have pure air, rest easy, and breathe deeply.