For many households, a beloved cat or dog is simply another member of the family. Pet owners know, however, that there are certain qualities about having pets that can compromise the cleanliness of the home. From seasonal shedding to indoor accidents, pets know how to make a mess without even trying!

Instead of just “learning to live with it,” homeowners have lots of options for keeping their house clean without giving their dog or cat the boot. With an abundance of resources and appliances tailored to tackle the specific needs of pet owners, there’s no longer any excuse for drifting tufts of cat hair or distasteful stains that linger on the carpet after past potty accidents.

The best place to begin is the area where pets tend to spend the most time: the floor! By focusing your efforts on the flooring first, you can quickly transform a cat and dog home into a refreshing homestead that’s capable of wooing guests with interior décor before they even notice there’s a furry one running around.

Take a look at these five targeted aspects of achieving a cleaner cat and dog home by focusing efforts on the flooring.

1. Pick a pet vacuum that is fit for use on multiple flooring types.

Sometimes pets don’t pick the best spot to have an accident. Instead of holding a grudge, get prepared by investing in a pet vacuum that is capable of cleaning smooth surfaces like tile, vinyl, and wood, along with carpeting. Selecting a great appliance that can handle multiple surfaces is much more practical than purchasing several different surface-specific cleanup tools. For pets that shed excessively, a SEBO vacuum is a great option. The brushroll can be easily removed to eliminate the hair or fur quickly and thoroughly.

2. Rely on specialized nozzle attachments.

High-quality pet vacuums will come with an assortment of nozzle attachments suited for specific cleaning tasks. Having specialized nozzles in your tool belt helps you get the most suction from a variety of fabric and material types.

3. Pick a practical model for your specific room layout.

Ease of movement is key when it comes to quickly cleaning up accidents after they happen. Depending on the floorplan of your home, either a mobile canister pet vacuum or a traditional upright vacuum may make swift movement much easier. In addition to reflecting on where your pet likes to spend his or her time, consider all the stairs, raised floor areas, open spaces and other complex floorplan details when trying to assess which model will make the most sense for your home.

4. Select a vacuum that features a hygienic filter capable of eliminating pet odors.

The unpleasant truth is that cats and dogs can sometimes leave stinky smells lingering in the room and near the carpet, no matter how much elbow grease you put into scrubbing out stains. Relying on a pet vacuum with a powerful filter can be a game changer. For example, all of the vacuums in Miele’s Cat & Dog product line feature an Active AirClean filter, which is equipped with activated charcoal for eliminating powerful pet odors.

5. Pick a product with powerful suction that won’t get clogged from pet hair.

There’s nothing worse than constant vacuuming interruptions to untangle clogged pet hair. Be sure to invest in a pet vacuum with enhanced power and an efficient suction track so that pet hair won’t pose a problem.

Enjoy the happiness that cats and dogs bring to the home without letting their messes drag you down. It’s easy, when you’re equipped with the right cleaning tools!