Furry Family Members Bring Changes to your Home
kitten and puppy

When you bring home a new pet, a lot of things will change in your home. The noise level may go up, but so will the fun. We want to help you be prepared for some extra chores on your maintenance list when your furry friends come home. Here are some things you should do when you add a pet to your home:  

  • Change your air filters more frequently. Cats and dogs bring a level of hair and dander into the air of your home. As filters get clogged with these small particles, the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning decreases. Changing your air filters frequently keeps everything in tip-top shape. 
  • Change your air purifier filters. Just like air filters in your intake vents, filters in your air purifiers also need to be changed frequently. If you don’t have an air purifier, it might be a good addition to your home to reduce odors and improve the air quality for all your family members, even the furry ones. 
  • Change your vacuum bag more frequently. Depending on how much your dog or cat sheds, your vacuum could be working overtime. More frequent bag and filter changes come with more frequent vacuuming. You can extend the life of your vacuum by changing both regularly. 
  • Get ready to clean. Pets inevitably bring messes into your home. But you don’t want to bring more harsh cleaning chemicals into your home that could be irritating to both pets and people in your home. E-cloths are an effective and chemical-free way to quickly and easily clean up all kinds of messes because you never know what your puppy or cat is going to chew on next. 
  • Prepare for floor messes. From muddy paws to potty accidents, your floors can take a beating. It’s important to be prepared for all types of messes. With a steam mop, you can clean and disinfect any mess on almost any surface using just the power of steam. 

But no matter how many extra to-dos get added to your list, you know that the cuddles, cuteness, and just plain happiness pets bring to your home makes it all worth it. At Buckhead Vacuums, we want to help you make a healthy and clean home for your pets. We have air purifiers, vacuum bags, e-cloths, and steam cleaners to help you create a safe environment for all the members of your family, even the ones with four legs.