Miele HomeCare Collection
Miele vacuum with man and woman in the background

Designed with a personalized approach at its core, the Miele HomeCare Collection presents a detailed, thoughtful and efficient process for selecting a vacuum from an exclusive assortment of machines and accessories. While each product in the HomeCare Collection is crafted to deliver an outstanding precedent of high-quality performance, customers can expect to receive an exquisite level of attentive assistance and service throughout their selection process. With individualized assistance, customized designs and an extended warranty, the Miele HomeCare Collection easily exceeds current standards for residential vacuuming needs.


The first element that sets this product line apart is that the Miele HomeCare Collection is only available from an exclusive selection of authorized dealers. This intentional exclusivity is upheld so that each customer can expect to experience an exceptional service relationship with a knowledgeable Miele representative who demonstrates unparalleled expertise in the field. During the first personalized consultation, it quickly becomes apparent that this purchasing experience is unique. Miele HomeCare Collection representatives are determined to help you select the precise product that you desire, based on your preferences and the specific needs of your home. Unlike other showrooms, customers are not rushed or pressured into making a purchase. Instead, you can consult with an expert and test drive products at your own pace. Furthermore, you will receive ongoing support from the Miele representative. From initial questions to trying out different models, the Miele representative will accompany you every step of the way to offer guidance. Even after purchasing a product, feel free to ask follow-up questions and reach out for additional support.


The Miele HomeCare Collection offers an abundance of stylish designs available in many different forms to meet your aesthetic preferences and home care needs. In addition, each model is accompanied by two specialty tools. The Extended Flexible Crevice Tool and the Universal Dust Brush are included as standard attachments with each vacuum, so you can experience the advantage of specialized nozzles when cleaning surface-specific messes. Of course, additional tools are available, too. An added benefit of exploring this product line is that all Miele HomeCare Collection vacuums feature HEPA AirClean filtration, regardless of exterior design. This advanced engineering offers an innovative solution for providing flawless filtration. Customers can rely on HEPA AirClean technology for maintaining a clean indoor environment at home. Exciting details demonstrate the unique options available in this line. Customers can consider convenient details, like the retractable cord or lightweight unit options, when exploring all the practical designs included in the Miele HomeCare Collection.


Finally, customers can embrace total peace of mind knowing that every vacuum presented in the Miele HomeCare Collection is covered by generous warranty offers. When choosing to partner with Miele, investing in a luxury vacuum won’t be compromised by the risk of possible failure down the line. In addition to a 5-year labor and parts warranty, the products in this collection are also covered by a 10-year motor and casing warranty. This immense level of protection provides additional confidence for customers. When selecting the Miele HomeCare Collection for a high-quality vacuum, customers can expect the irreplaceable benefits of individualized assistance, customized designs and extended warranty offers.