Repair or Replace? How to Know When to Bring Your Vacuum to A Professional
Vacuum Repair

If your vacuum isn’t quite working the way that it used to, it may be time to bring in some professional help. But one of the big questions you face is whether it’s better to repair it or to just replace it. High-quality vacuums can cost a lot of money, so you don’t just want to run out and replace it the first time there’s an issue. One of the best ways to keep your vacuum in tip-top shape is to bring it in to be serviced every 12 months in addition to the simple maintenance you do at home. It’s always better to prevent a problem than to have a problem become an emergency. We can help you repair your vacuum if you are experiencing the following:

  • Power issues – If the vacuum suddenly turns off or stops working, we can replace the fuse or check wires for connectivity. When the motor is getting power, turning freely, and still not working, it’s time to bring it in for repair. 
  • Lower suction – There are many reasons this may be happening. At home, you can change the bag, check the hoses for blockages and replace the filters. But if you have done all of that, bring it in, and we can evaluate what is happening with your machine to get it working the way it should. 
  • Loud noises – if your vacuum is making loud noises like grinding or rattling, this is not normal. First, check the hoses and the roller to make sure they are clear of foreign objects. If the noise continues, you will want to get it repaired. Loud noises and rattling are the first indicators that the motor is on its way out. If we catch it early enough, we might be able to fix it.
  • Smells bad – If you have done what you can at home like removing hair from the roller brush, changing the bag, and replacing the filter, you should bring it in, especially if it’s a burnt rubber kind of smell. This could indicate that a belt needs replaced. 
  • Overheats – If the vacuum is getting too hot or smoking, then you should be concerned. The canister should remain cool to the touch, and if it’s not, something needs to be addressed. 

The really good news is that when you bring your vacuum into Buckhead, you have options. We work on all types of vacuums and stock bags, belts, and filters, even for models that we don’t sell. If it turns out that your vacuum needs replaced, we let you trade in your old vacuum for a discount on a new one. So no matter what issues your vacuum is experiencing, bring it in to us, and we can help you find a solution. 

Buckhead Vacuums offers fast turn-around service on both warranty and non-warranty repairs. Call 404.876.8655 or stop by today!