The Surprise Vacuum of 2022

When the world came to a grinding halt, lots of things shifted. People were working from home. Home improvement projects skyrocketed. And the availability of lots of products such as refrigerators, cars, and even vacuum cleaners seemed shockingly sparse. But in the chaos and sparseness, other things also shifted. New passions were discovered. And existing, fantastic products came to the forefront of people’s attention, including the surprise vacuum of 2022,  SEBO.

Sebo Vacuums

Unmatched Quality

The German engineering and manufacturing of SEBO has been around since 1978. Household vacuums became available in the U.S. in 1997. SEBO doesn’t just say it has unmatched quality, it proves it, every day. When customers ask about the best vacuum for pet hair or allergies, SEBO is our first choice.

The durable parts and unrivaled performance of SEBO have made it the vacuum of choice for some of the most prestigious homes in the world, including Buckingham Palace and the White House.

Exceptional Filtration and Suction

Powerful suction means pet hair, dander, and other allergens are no match for the vacuum, even on carpet. Three-layer bags, multiple filters, and a virtually air-tight seal means what gets sucked up into the vacuum, stays in the vacuum. And with a dedication to durability, SEBO vacuums last an average of 20 years! That’s longer than most other major household appliances.

Find the SEBO that’s Right for You

Not only is SEBO dedicated to quality and longevity, they back it up with one of the longest warranties in the industry. And best of all, we have SEBO in stock. When you’re ready to discover your new favorite vacuum and learn about how SEBO can meet your cleaning needs, call us at (404) 876-8655.