Smarter Buys for Cleaner Dorm Rooms

I’ll be the first to admit that college, for me, was more than a hot minute ago. But I’ll never forget that first taste of freedom and the foray into adulthood: being responsible for waking myself up, no one over my shoulder to remind me to do homework—and learning what it took to keep the dorm room space clean. (As it turned out, it DIDN’T clean itself—but it felt much nicer when it was clean!) 

As you (or your child) set off for higher education, clean floors and fresh, circulating air will likely be a challenge, no matter the destination. In order to make it a little easier, we’ve done the homework in advance for you. Here are a couple of tips to maximize the clean without killing the budget.

reconditioned vacuums at Buckhead

A Cleaner Dorm Room

Be smart and deliberate with your dorm room cleaning supply purchases. Buy a general, all-in-one cleaner instead of a lot of single-job cleaners. (And hope they use it.) And don’t go for broke on a brand-new vacuum. Instead, secure a reliable, reconditioned, high-performance vacuum. The Buckhead repair tech team is constantly taking trade-in premium brand vacuums and reconditioning these recent models for their second life of cleaning. We’re so confident in these vacuums that your purchase includes a one-year warranty.

Reconditioned vacuums start at $199 and those including a powerhead start at $399. Show your student a smart buying strategy with our reconditioned vacuums at half the price of new.

Austin Air bedroom machine air purifier

A Healthier Dorm Room

Take the vacuum cleaner savings and give your future leader healthier dorm room air with a premium air purifier. These machines can refresh all of the air in one room multiple times per day. They’ll reduce allergens, bacteria, and foul odors 24/7. Clean air contributes to clear minds, which makes an air purifier an excellent study companion.

Clean air and clean floors are a great way to keep your college prodigy on track and focused with a healthier dorm room. A winning combination like this deserves its own accolades, but we’ll settle for an invitation to graduation.

Hurry. Don’t wait. Remember, we send this email to thousands of our customers and we have a limited supply of reconditioned premium vacuums. Contact us today and let’s get your student fully set up for a cleaner and healthier year.