The Health Benefits of Humidifiers

As we all experienced some level of quarantine in 2020, we are paying more attention to our health and how to prevent the spread of viruses. Have you considered adding a humidifier to your home? Keeping a consistent humidity level in your home of 40-60% humidity can add some health benefits to your family.

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Preventing virus spread

According to Medical News Today, “After adding the influenza virus to the air with a simulated cough, researchers found that humidity levels above 40% rapidly deactivated virus particles, making them much less likely to be infectious.” In dry climates, viruses float through the air and spread more easily. However, in humid air, viruses attach to fine water droplets and fall to the ground where they are less harmful. You can reduce the spread of airborne viruses by having optimally humidified air in your home.

Making a cough more productive

Dry air can cause a person to have a dry, unproductive cough, but in moist air, a cough becomes more productive because there is more moisture in a person’s airways. A productive cough releases more phlegm and helps a person breathe easier.

Boosting the immune system

The correct humidity levels can help your body maintain the systems that help prevent infection, including your skin and your mucous membranes. You have probably noticed that when the humidity drops in the winter, your skin, hair, and lips become dry and cracked. Our immune system is at its peak in 40-60% humidity.

If you want to get these health benefits for your family, check the humidity levels in your home. Our showroom is open, but we continue to practice Safe Health Standards for both our customers and our staff. We are also offering curbside pickup, shipping, and contactless local delivery for limited zip codes. Visit our website to find out more and explore our selection of humidifiers for your home.