Tips to Cleaning a Pet House

Your furry friend is much more than a friend, they’re a beloved member of the family. But sometimes they can be messy. Sometimes… all the time. We’ve gathered a few tips to keep your pet-friendly home fresh and clean for the human inhabitants.

Dog and dog hair on the couch

Keep Your Pets Clean

It goes without saying, if your pet is clean, he won’t be stinking up the couch. A dog doesn’t self-groom like a cat, so a routine rise with water and an occasional wash with pet shampoo will help keep him fresh and clean. Keep a wet dog confined to one area or better yet, thoroughly dry them before you let them roam.

dog lying upside down on a leather sofa

Get a Pet-Friendly Sofa

Keeping pets off the couch is a chore, and while you may be able to train the dog to stay off (at least when you’re watching), chances are you won’t keep the cat off. The wrong sofa can be a magnet for odors, stains, and pet hair. A sofa made of leather or tightly woven materials is more pet-friendly.

Have a Dog Cleaning Station

Set up a place in the laundry room or near back entry with a heavy-duty doormat, accessible towels, and a spray bottle to quickly clean muddy paws before they scamper across your floors.

cat looking at owner cleaning mess on carpet

Clean up Accidents Quickly

Accidents happen, and acting quickly with an enzyme-based cleaner can help to minimize lingering odors.

Buy a Good Quality Vacuum Cleaner

It may be obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that a high-quality vacuum makes all the difference. Brushing your dog or cat regularly helps to reduce the amount of shedding and accumulation of hair. But choosing the right vacuum cleaner with strong suction, a quality filter, and a good brush really can create and maintain a cleaner cat and dog home.

Nose and paws of dog sticking out of blanket

If you still have stinky smells that seem to stick around, you may find what you need right in your own cupboard. Baking soda can help to neutralize odors with a shake over rugs and carpets before you vacuum. Use vinegar to remove bad smells when washing pet toys and bedding. Keeping the cat’s litter box scooped will also help eliminate odors. Opening your windows to let some fresh air in can make a huge difference as well.