Unparalleled Cleaning Power
Mother and daughter doing laundry together

How many times do you have to wash something to get it truly clean and stain-free? You only have to lose one favorite outfit to red wine to put you on the hunt for a new laundry detergent. But if you have a family, you know that there are many other stains you have to contend with on a daily basis, including the normal fade of colors and loss of brightness in white clothes. Gray veils on white clothing, faded colors, and stubborn stains are a thing of the past thanks to the highly concentrated Persil Megaperls that use less to produce maximum washing power.

Developed in 1907, Persil was the first self-acting detergent. Its revolutionary formula released oxygen during washing and made strenuous rubbing of the laundry unnecessary. Ever since, Persil has always set the pace of time to serve society’s changing needs, combining innovation and continuity. Persil was the first to launch a phosphate-free detergent in 1986, demonstrating that sustainability is part of the brand’s heritage. After this, many high-performance innovations followed, such as the first liquid detergent in 1987 and the first concentrated powder in the form of Megaperls in 1994. This brand has been an innovation leader in laundry detergent for over 100 years.

Recently, Persil put its focus on combining performance with convenience in order to serve today’s consumer. Over time, the positive image and expertise of Persil has been recognized and awarded by many. The renowned Allensbach Institute describes the brand well: “Persil combines washing performance, top quality, and modernity.” Reviewed.com named it their “Best Overall Detergent” and Good Housekeeping called it their “Best Detergent.”

The highly concentrated Persil Megaperls penetrate deep into the fiber so that you can easily remove even the most stubborn stains without pretreatment or soaking.

Persil Megaperls
  • Use the Persil Universal Megaperls for your light-colored laundry. Bleach is not stable in liquid universal detergents, but in powder form, it can be effective. Persil uses pearl-shaped detergent instead of powder to avoid dust and achieve a perfect cleaning result.
  • To maintain your colorful clothing even after several washes, choose Persil Color Megaperls. This color detergent contains no bleach or optical brighteners and soaks deep into the fabric to remove stains. You can eliminate stain pre-treatment when you use this product.
  • Persil is also very eco-friendly. They use cardboard packaging for Persil Megaperls because their stability makes them more suitable for larger quantities of detergent. This cardboard packaging consists of at least 80 percent waste paper, and it can be recycled when emptied.

If you are ready to increase the cleaning power of your laundry detergent, Persil guarantees fiber-deep clean, and shining bright laundry. At Buckhead Vacuums, we want to help you bring the very best products into your home. Come into the store, order for curbside pickup, or call about delivery for this item today!