How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Vacuum

Is your vacuum just not what it used to be? Is it leaving bits and pieces behind? It may be time to replace it. The average lifespan of a vacuum is about eight years. Some brands last longer than others, and you typically get what you pay for. The lifespan can also be affected by the size of the job you’re asking it to do. If you vacuum a small apartment once a week or so, it could last longer; but, if you’re in a large home with carpet and a couple of furry pets, the vacuum logs a lot more hours. So age alone is not the only indicator that it’s time to make a change. Here are some other signs to look for:

Miele Complete C3 HomeCare Pure Suction

Strange Noises

If your vacuum makes a loud, roaring sound or has developed a high-pitched squeal, something is not quite right. You should check the roller to see if something is caught and causing the noise. You might also want to check and clean the filters because the whistling could be the motor trying to suck air through a dirty filter. It may also be a sign that the motor is going bad, which is a much bigger problem.

Loss of Suction

The power of the suction and the ability of the vacuum to pick up and hold dirt can also be a sign. If your vacuum’s performance is less than stellar in this area, you should first check the hoses to see if there are any blockages in the system that could be impacting the suction. Dirty or clogged filters can also impact the overall suction. Once cleared, it should return to normal. But if it doesn’t, it may be time to replace it because the motor is slowing down and not delivering the power it once had. 

Burning Smell

Burnt plastic or rubber scents are not what you want in your home. Often this smell precedes your vacuum shutting itself off completely. You should first examine the underside of the vacuum to see if hair or other types of debris are causing a wheel or a rotor to jam. If the smell persists, you may have an issue with the motor that should be checked out. 

The Wrong Type of Vacuum

If you have recently moved or remodeled, you may not have the right type of vacuum for your floors. Not every machine can adapt to shag carpets or ones with a thick pile. Not all machines are adaptable for bare wood floors. If this is the case, it may be time to replace and upgrade. 

Vacuum cleaners have changed a lot over the years, and new technologies allow these small appliances to have more power, more filtration, and longer life. It may be time to invest in a vacuum that will go the distance with your home. If it’s time, bring in your old vacuum – even if it sounds funny, has no pickup, and smells – and we will give you $100 toward a Miele HomeCare vacuum, one of the best on the market today (through December 31, 2020)