Making your Home Safe for your Pets

Maintaining a healthy home environment is important for your family, including the furry friends in your household. We know how much your pets matter to you, and we want to help you create an environment for them that supports their health as well as your own. Here are some things that could be affecting your pet in your house: 

Dog and cat sleeping peacefully together

Noise pollution

Have you ever considered that cats and dogs have a wider range of hearing than humans? They can also be more sensitive to loud sounds that increase anxiety and stress and cause them to be inactive. One of the main sources of these loud noises can be vacuums. If you want to lower the noise level of your vacuum, we can help you find a model that is quieter and can handle all the extra clean up that comes with having a pet.

Air Quality

Being able to breathe air that is free of pollen, mold, and other air pollutants is important for the people and the animals in your home. An air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter can accomplish all of these things as well as help to cut down on pet hair and pet odors in your home. 

Humidity Levels

Controlling the humidity levels of your home can also be beneficial for your pets. Dry environments can cause dry, itchy skin which leads to extra scratching and more shedding. You can see a difference in their skin and coats after running a humidifier for just a few days. A cool mist humidifier can also reduce the spread of viruses in your home and help everyone breathe easier if they get sick, including your furbabies. 

Cleaning chemicals

Having cleaning chemicals in your home can be harmful for your pets. If you want to reduce your use of these, adding a steam cleaner to your home can eliminate the need for harsh chemicals. The power of steam cleans and disinfects surfaces with only water. 

We want to help you create a healthy environment for everyone in your home, including the furry friends who bring you so much joy. You want them to have a long, happy life, and so do we.