The World’s Best Pet Vacuum Revealed

You might not know it but SEBO, a manufacturer in Germany, makes the best performing vacuums in the world. We’ve been proudly selling SEBO for years to a devoted group of Atlanta homeowners and it’s time we give this brand the spotlight.

Hospital-grade filtration, commercial-grade components, and advanced brush roller technology are hallmarks of SEBO’s fame as the leader in premium vacuum performance. Built to last for years beyond other competitors, SEBO’s Onyx Collection—available for purchase only in our showroom—boasts one of the most extensive warranties in the industry, with a 10-year motor, 10-year parts, and 7-year labor warranty.

Part of SEBO’s Onyx Collection, the SEBO Automatic X7 Premium Pet Upright Vacuum is considered by many to be the best vacuum for pet-loving homes. Designed for optimal performance on both hardwood and carpets, the X7 alerts the user to clogs, a worn brush, or a full bag, and features a charcoal anti-odor micro-filter that absorbs pet odors.

Read our list of tips for cleaning a pet-friendly house. If you still have questions about choosing the best vacuum for your home, give us a call at 404.876.8655.